2.5mm pixel pitch, high-res indoor LED display

  • 27” tiles in 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Front & back access for easy installation and maintenance
  • Maximized uptime thanks to Infinipix™ image processing
  • EssentialCare service package up to 5 years

The new XT-E series further expands Barco’s indoor high-resolution LED tiles portfolio with the perfect fit for those who want a Barco quality product but don’t need all the extra’s. The 27” inch tiles with a pixel-pitch ranging from 1.9mm to 2.5mm deliver superior seamless results, and the series includes all necessary features to maximize the reliability of your LED wall.


Superior viewing experience

With each tile having a 16:9 aspect ratio, it is child’s play to create native Full HD or UHD screens. This allows displaying video in the most common formats in full, without scaling or unused canvas. What’s more, the camera-supported seam correction technology makes sure tiles easily align, creating a single seamless canvas viewing experience.


Easy to install and maintain

Because these LED tiles are designed for wall mounting, they are fully accessible from the back and/or the front – creating a shallow depth. The improved robustness and the magnetic Assisted Module Extraction makes sure the tiles can be easily removed, for maintenance or replacement needs, with a reduced risk of pixel damage. 


Always premium image quality 

Thanks to InfinipixTM, image quality is perfect in both dimmed and high-brightness mode with consistent color accuracy. Video artefacts typically arise on fast-moving content – but with InfinipixTM, no image tearing or video hiccups occur with fast-moving images. Automatic calibration makes sure the entire wall is perfectly uniform at any time.


Unrivaled reliability

In order to support the use of Direct LED in critical environments and prevent downtime, redundancy of both power and data can be integrated in the XT2.5-E. Also, instead of facing sudden complete wall downtime, the users can get a warning so proactive measures can be taken against potential wall failures.

All XT-E series displays are backed by a three-year product warranty period. For extra peace of mind, customers can sign up for an additional EssentialCare maintenance contract with batch compatible modules up to five years.