•  Case dimensions are 6″ high x 4-3/4″ deep (15 cm x 12 cm).
  •  Maximum image width up to 96″ (244 cm) wide.
  •  RF welded tabs eliminate stickiness and tab separation. Tabs warranted against separation for five years.
  •  Black drop standard, depending on screen size. Extra drop above image area available upon request.
  •  Crank-operated projection screen. Polished aluminum crank handle is removable when not in use.
  •  Curved aluminum case finished in white with matching endcaps. Black is available upon request.
  •  Front section of case removable for easy access for maintenance or service.
  •  Custom sizes available.
  • A contemporary design and sleek, slender dimensions, the crank-operated Silhouette C wall- or ceiling-mounted projection screen features a tab-tensioned viewing surface. Tab-tensioned screens provide a perfectly flat viewing surface with better image quality. RF welded tabs create a more durable seal that eliminates separation and stickiness. A detachable crank handle enhances screen security by limiting access making it perfect for educational or commercial settings.