•  Case dimensions 9-1/8″ high x 9-1/8″ deep (23 cm x 23 cm).
  •  Maximum image width up to 20’ (610 cm) wide, depending on surface selection.
  •  Available in NTSC, HDTV, AV and 16:10 format.
  •  Housed in ¾” (19 mm) warp resistant composition wood with hinged panel for motor compartment. Case finished with a coat of black primer paint.
  •  Heavy-duty electric projection screen with end mounted motor and direct drive.
  •  Custom sizes available.
  • Engineered with a direct drive motor, the wall- or ceiling-mounted Rolleramic electric projection screen is an economical option for large venues in auditoriums, lecture halls, hospitals, hotels, and churches. This free-hanging, fiberglass-backed projection screen maintains flatness thanks to the weight of the screen and bottom dowel. The motor is housed in an all wood case and is insulated to minimize friction, which provides smooth, quiet operation.