Audio System

With our finger on the pulse of the audio industry, we ensure that you receive the latest solutions and best value for your investment. We custom-design every audio system for the specific application, venue, type of source, and budget.

Visual Systems


With visual media options evolving at a lightning pace, it takes an expert to sort through all the products on the market today and give you the best solution for your particular application. Our business is being able to recommend the most viable,up-to-date and economical system for your specific application.

Lighting Systems


Whether you are looking for tasteful architectural LCD accents or a full concert or theater lighting system, our designers take the same care and utilize the highest quality components, enabling your project to be shown in its best light.

Control Systems


With the technology available today, there is no longer any need to have five remotes to control all your systems. Let us show you how easy it is to combine the functions of your entire venue into a single control unit.

Digital Signage

We have the software and the expertise to show you how it is possible to create, control and update multiple, eye-catching video displays on the other side of the room or the other side of the country – without ever having to leave your desk.

Interactive Multi-Media

We can supply you with the latest in touch-screen capabilities and give you the interactive ideas and applications that will keep your clients enthralled with the way you deliver your message.

Conferencing Systems


Whether video or audio-conferencing, we can help take the guesswork out of which systems to get, and provide you with a solution.