SoundTube Outdoor XT-Spyke Pole Mount Speaker in Green

The SoundTube XT-Spyke is not a typical line array column loudspeaker. Its advanced LAPS (Line Array-Point Source) 2-way design provides a very short near-field extent and robust far-field performance. The XT-Spyke is also UV resistant, scratch resistant, chlorine resistant, and weather resistant with professional-grade components for long-lasting performance and durability. Frequency tapering of low and high frequency pass bands allow the XT-Spyke to maintain a more consistent ratio of array height to radiated wavelength, ensuring a stable vertical beamwidth that out performs many other single box line arrays. Featuring eight 3.0-inch woofers and eight 1-inch high frequency drivers for extremely smooth high frequency response, the XT-Spyke achieves superb coverage in an enclosure measuring only 37.37″ x 6.80″ x 5.50″ and includes pole mounting options