OS-440 Outdoor Smart Amplifier


Phase Technology 8.4″ x 6.06″, 4 Channel Indoor/Outdoor Amplifier with WiFi / Bluetooth Capabilities

The OS-440 is the industry’s first outdoor smart amplifier. The OS-440 can live entirely outside, allowing unprecedented freedom when designing outdoor audio systems. Without being tethered to the house, the OS-440 can wirelessly connect to the home’s network, interface with DLNA servers and even allow for wireless multi-zone control. On-board Bluetooth functionality and a WiFi direct mode round out its wireless connectivity options.

Note: The OS-440 is designed to operate in humid, outdoor conditions. Do not place the OS-440 in a location where it is exposed to prolonged direct sunlight, precipitation, or where it may come in contact with water. The ideal location for an OS-440 is inside a cabinet. The OS-440 is not waterproof. If you do not have a dry, protected spot for the OS-440, we recommend using a weatherproof box like this one from Altelix to mount the amp onto an exterior wall.