Cherry Bomb


Rockustics Outdoor Cherry Bomb Speaker

The Cherry Bomb speaker’s patented three-way design includes a 5″ dual-chamber, band-pass subwoofer, a 4″ woofer, and a .75″ tweeter all in one small unit. The combination of small form factor and full-range audio performance equals faster installation times because you dig only one hole for every two you would normally have to dig with a standard landscape audio package! You’re running less wire and making less splices now too, not to mention there is no separate subwoofer amp needed with Cherry Bombs. The patented design doesn’t just save you installation time, it also sounds better. Since the low, mid and high frequencies all originate from the same location, everything is equidistant from the listening location, meaning all you hear is perfectly phase-matched full-range sound. A built-in 64W transformer comes standard for 70V installations.