Actoris ParLED AL2595

There is an increasing demand for smaller, silent, and simpler light fixtures that produce an excellent and efficient light beam. The ACTORIS PARLED embodies these qualities is a small form factor fixture that only weighs 6 kilograms and is 306 mm in length.

First in a series of specialized models for the theatrical sector, this product features an RGBWW LED light source, that produces warm color temperatures perfect to match any complexion or scenery on stage through its replication of natural pastel colors and CRI rating greater than 90. The color temperature can also be digitally adjusted between 2500K through 6500K.

The implementation of a special warm white LEDs does not adversely affect the luminous efficiency: the ACTORIS PARLED is positioned at the top of its category, featuring a lumen output of 3400 lumens.

The ACTORIS PARLED features extremely silent operation, thanks to use of special silenced axial fans.