• Slip-Lok upright available in various sizes from 3’ to 17’ (91 cm to 518 cm).
  •  Steel base: 3/8″ x 18″ x 18″ (1 cm x 46 cm x 46 cm) and 35 lb (16 kg); or lightweight base: 3/16 ” x 18” x 18″ (.5 cm x 46 cm x 46 cm) and 18 lb (8 kg).
  •  2.0 by Versatop connecting system available in a variety of sizes. Saves time and eliminates inventory damage.
  •  3-piece upright available. Quickly and easily adjusts drapery height from 7’ to 17’ with minimal effort.
  •  Black hardware is available for quantity orders.
  •  Drape panels available in 156″ (396 cm) or 50″ (127 cm) widths and heights of 144″ (366 cm) or 192″ (488 cm). Custom sizes available.
  •  Drape panels hemmed top and bottom to accept horizontal drape supports.
  •  Four fabrics to choose from include: Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) velour; 10 oz poly knit satiny polyester; 12 oz classic twill wrinkle-resistant polyester; and 12 oz vellite brushed polyester with a crushed appearance.
  •  Fabric colors include: IFR velour in black or custom colors; poly knit and vellite in black or rich navy; and classic twill is in black, rich navy, or a variety of custom colors
  •  Tripod screen skirts available for Diplomat R. Skirts are 38″ (97 cm) high and attach to screen case with hook and loop.
  •  Black skirts available for tables and projector stands. Coordinate with Pipe & Drape Runoffs or any folding screen dress kit.
  •  One-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Easily construct a professional trade show atmosphere with Pipe and Drape Runoff anywhere thanks to a free-standing modular drapery system designed for Draper® folding screens. This portable unit sets-up quickly, creating a theater-like appearance or instant room divider to mask unsightly areas. Horizontal drape supports are adjustable with lock anywhere stops. They attach to the telescoping, two-piece Slip-Lok horizontal bars with sturdy steel hook and slots. Friction locks on the uprights bear virtually any weight-yet have fingertip release. Bases have alternate stud positions that allow for setup against a wall or in a corner. Infinite adjustments to almost any height or width make Pipe and Drape Runoff perfect for the rental mar