Control Room

Control room

View better, share faster, resolve quicker. That’s what Barco helps control room operators achieve every day. Barco has been building control room visualization and collaboration solutions since 1994 for a variety of industries. Today, we are still the number one choice for control room professionals who want to stay on top of their situational awareness.

Reliable, on-the-spot information can make a difference if you need to keep your business up and running, ensure availability of critical public services, or respond to incidents in time. Let Barco help you collect, visualize and share critical information, so you can make the most optimal decisions.

Why choose Barco?

Don’t know which control room technology is right for you? Start with Barco. We have everything in house to offer you a visualization and collaboration solution that is built for the long term: displays, media management, workflow solutions and services. From small control room to large-scale, global command center, Barco has got what you need.

View better

Make critical decisions based on images that remain accurate and truthful all day. Barco’s reliable LCD, rear-projection and LED video walls help you improve the uptime of your operations for many years on end. Barco offers all relevant video wall technologies and knows which one will best suit your needs.

Share faster

Monitor your content exactly when and where you need it. Share your content securely across your organization, from control room to breakout room, or with remote stakeholders. And collaborate for the most efficient incident response.

Resolve quicker

Offer your operator workforce a personalized workspace that reduces stress levels, increases productivity and supports faster critical decision making. Use a single keyboard and mouse to access all relevant information, even from disparate networks, make better decisions, and resolve incidents quicker.