A new AUDAC Touch™ update has arrived! We have further improved the app to be able to support your audio installations even better. So, what new features & improvements are we introducing in this 2.4.3 update?

1.    Spotify™ & Soundtrack Your Brand™ album covers are now visible in the app when using the NMP40.
2.    We have Introduced a new equalizer visualization directly in the app.
3.    You can now play voice files using both time and contact triggers.
4.    Signal monitoring widget. Add small LEDs to a dashboard to monitor input and output levels.
5.    We have implemented an improved ‘Timer Events’ view.
6.    Triggering of Output Scenes on input signals and contact triggers.
7.    A clearer overview of wall panels.

Discover the full release notes of this new update.

AUDAC Touch™ 2 v2.4.3 release notes