With the ALTI series, we have introduced an entirely new range of loudspeakers. But why choose the ALTI series as your next versatile sound projector?

1)    Premium acoustic components
Did you know that for the ALTI loudspeaker series, only the most premium acoustic components were used? The craftsmanship that went into the design guarantees top-tier performance resulting in a clear speech intelligibility and warm and detailed music reproduction.

2)    Wide beam coverage
Did you know that the wide opening angle of 165° for the ALTI4(M) loudspeaker series and 115° for the ALTI6(M) guarantee an exceptional dispersion in all different kinds of applications and locations with high ceilings and large open spaces?

3)    Secure and fast mounting system
Did you know that the fixation of the ALTI loudspeaker series is done through 2 snap-hooks on one end and a dual Gripple™ fixation on the other end? This creates a safe & secure fixation and allows a finger quick installation.

4)    Innovative & unique design
Did you know that thanks to its elegant design, the ALTI loudspeaker series is a perfect fit for places with modern interiors, high ceilings and large open spaces like beach bars?

5)    All in one outer jacket
Did you know that the ALTI pendant loudspeaker series’ connection cable, steel suspension and safety wire are all stored in a single outer jacket, resulting in a clean looking all-in-one entity?

6)    Cable covers for a clean design
Did you know that an innovatively designed rear cover hides the connection and suspension on the speaker end of the ALTI pendant loudspeakers? This unique SlideCap™ innovation ensures the cover can easily be attached and detached by sliding, even after installation.

7)    Wide variety of ceiling heights – cable lengths 3.5 meters
Did you know that the included cable length of the ALTI pendant loudspeakers is 3.5 meters, offering possibilities for a wide variety of ceiling heights? Optional connection cables of 7 and 10 meters expand your possibilities even more.

8)    Moisture resistant 
Did you know the drivers of both the ALTI pendant loudspeaker as the sound project variant are applied with a special coating allowing them to be suitable for applications with high levels of humidity?

9)    Outdoor proof Construction 
Did you know that the ALTIxM design wall sound projector, with an IP rating of 65, provides a great solution for various outdoor applications? Its elegant ABS enclosure together with the waterproof AWX5™ connector and weather and moisture-proof drivers make sure this design wall projector series shines in any weather condition.

10)     Countless mounting possibilities
Did you know that the ALTIxM design wall sound projector features a die-cast mounting bracket for wall & ceiling mount purposes at any desired angle? This swiveling bracket allows the same audio system design and identity throughout the entire installation.

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  • ALTI4M
  • ALTI6
  • ALTI6M