The ALTI6M is a variant of the ALTI pendant speakers, featuring a die-cast mounting bracket for wall & ceiling mount purposes. This allows the same… Read More »ALTI6M


Designed to offer the best value for money ratio. The CIRA series are coaxial 2-way ceiling speakers featuring exceptional intelligibility and musical performance. The TwistFix™… Read More »CIRA8


The CELO series is AUDAC‘s first High-end slim ceiling speaker series, consisting of four models which can guarantee an optimal experience for every situation and… Read More »CELO8


The PX series are compact full-range loudspeaker cabinets for a wide variety of indoor or outdoor applications. They come in four different models, each of… Read More »PX115


The IMEO1 Soundbar features a slim and elegant design and includes all required functions for expansion of any audiovisual system with an impressive sound, while… Read More »IMEO1


The M2 is a multi-media audio distribution system which offers an unseen flexibility and amount of possibilities for any audio distribution system. It can handle… Read More ».M2


This energy efficient stereo amplifier will automatically switch to a standby mode when no audio signals are detected (less than 1Watt power consumption in standby… Read More ».EPA254


The unbeatable one. The CENA series are full-range ceiling speakers, designed to offer an unmatched solution for large scale public address projects. The SpringFit™ fixation… Read More ».CENA8


The SP series are high efficiency sound projectors designed to provide good speech intelligibility and background music in a wide variation of applications. They are… Read More ».SP22


The ALTI4 is a 2-way pendant loudspeaker featuring a 4” driver combination with a coaxially mounted 1” soft dome tweeter and is fitted with a… Read More ».ALTI4