•  Maximum lifting capacity up to 35 lb (16 kg).
  •  Maximum extension up to 48” (122 cm).
  •  Can be installed in existing 2’ x 2’ (61 cm x 61 cm) ceiling grid. 
  •  Optional Environmental Airspace Housing to isolate projector from environmental airspace above ceiling.
  •  Optional ceiling closure panel available in white (standard) or black.
  •  Ceiling finish kit optional. Kit includes ceiling trim ring and closure panel.
  •  Optional universal-style bracket for easy attachment of a variety of projector models.
  •  Installation of factory installed cables for video and projector control available.
  •  Wall switch standard, optional IR or RF remote control, or integrate into your control system. 
  •  Lift finish is grey.
  • Utilizing an exclusive three-scissor design, the Micro Projector Lift provides lateral and front-to-back stability for projectors. It features a maximum 35-pound lifting capacity and requires only a minimal amount of overhead ceiling space for installation.