Infinipix™ processor for LED displays

  • Manages one or more connected display(s)
  • Fine-tunes brightness without any loss of image quality
  • Allows for brand-specific color calibration
  • Smooth and seamless results for still and moving content

The Infinipix™ NP100 is the next generation in LED display processors. The NP100 processes signals coming from connected video sources and transmits them to the InfinipixTM transceiver cards integrated into the LED tiles. The processor is steered by the Infinipix™ NM100 manager and controls one or more connected display(s).

Delivering flawless viewing experiences

Whatever your needs are, the InfinipixTM platform helps you get the most out of your LED content.

Whether your application requires a dimmed LED wall or a display run at high-brightness, you can keep the same color accuracy, grey scale levels and details thanks to the InfinipixTM processing. Don’t let your creativity be limited by your canvas, and always show your content as intended.

With lowest latency for showcasing motion content, black frame insertion to optically reduce motion blur and premium anti-aliasing filters to realize perfectly scaled and sharp images, Barco’s InfinipixTM is optimized to bring state-of-the art results and exceptional viewing experiences for still, slow-moving and fast-moving content.

Unmatched reliability

In the unlikely event that the data path is interrupted, all subsequent tiles in the chain would be void of content. Barco’s LED processing provides a redundant data path that travels in the direction opposite to the data flow. When this back-up data flow takes over, an uninterrupted image is guaranteed while you fix the failure.