DP2K – 6E


Compact DLP Barco Alchemy Cinema projector for screens up to 7.5m (24ft) wide

  • Twice as quiet as the quietest digital cinema projector 
  • Simple UHP lamp swap for easy maintenance
  • Fully integrated and DCI-compliant projector

Taking digital cinema where it’s never gone before

The DP2K-6E brings compact, fully integrated and DCI compliant digital cinema projection to small and independent cinemas worldwide. And how!


Why you’ll love the DP2K-6E

  • Cost-effective and fully integrated thanks to its on-board Barco Alchemy Series 3 module
  • UHP lamps enable easy maintenance and compact design
  • Twice as silent as the quietest projector currently on the market and super compact
  • Trademark Barco quality, and modularity, now also for the smallest screens